Neue Bombe von Nas. Beat und Raps wie immer sick, wie wir Gangster sagen oder früher gesagt haben. Nur über Hoes, Rolls und Moet sind wir inzwischen schon weg dachte ich, aber vielleicht ist das ja auch ironisch gemeint.

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  1. says: hoops


    Got some Remy Martin, some good-ass cigars
    Check it out

    Ayo, late night, candlelight, fiend wit’ diesel in his needle
    Queensbridge leader, no equal, I come from the Wheel of Ezekiel
    To pop thousand-dollar bottles of scotch, smoke purp, and heal the people
    Any rebuttal to what I utter get box-cuttered
    Count how many bad honeys I slut, it’s a high number
    Name a nigga under the same sky that I’m under
    Who gets money, remain fly, yeah, I wonder
    Eyes flutter as love when Nas pops up
    Stars get starstruck, panties start drippin’
    The ways of Carlito, blaze, torpedo cigars
    Drop moves, drop clothes
    Louis the XIII freaks, women nice size
    I ride like Porsches, thick, brown and gorgeous
    It ain’t my fault, semiautomatic weapons
    I brought the world “Crazy,” I’m rich and I’m girl-crazy
    Dick ‘em, convince ‘em all to praise me
    They ideology is confusion, I lose ‘em
    Fellates me, who hate me? My gun off safety
    Since a Tunnel escape key, my jewelry in HD

    … hmmmm.
    ja gut. der beat is geil, nas ‚flowt‘ ganz angenehm, inhaltlich isses eher so… müll. v.a. im vergleich mim alten zeug.

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