Heute: Live Dub Workshop bei der Montage / Theater Rampe

Montagabend, bissle Reggae machen, wer will das nicht? Okay, ich zum Beispiel. Aber wer Bock hat: Im Rahmen ihrer Montage-Reihe bieten Andreas Vogel und Tema heute einen Dub-Workshop „für Interessierte, Neueinsteiger & Cats“ an.  T-Jah (Chemnitz) und Jah Schulz (Stuttgart) zeigen euch, wie Dub geht.

„Dub Reggae originated in Jamaica during the sound system heyday. To get the most out of the records they played, DJs placed reverb, echo and sound effects over them as well as upping the bass and drums. It was two pioneers, Lee „Scratch“ Perry and King Tubby, who came to personify and innovate the genre. King Tubby is often called the originator of dub – he played the mixing board like an instrument – while Perry focused on the melodies and riddims (heavy bass and drum interplay). Dub carried a positive political message during times of strife in Jamaica, while the music evoked an afrofuturist feeling. The influence of dub music is enormous and can be heard in punk rock, hip-hop and dance.“ (The Guardian)

Montage – Live Dub Workshop
Montag 25.09.2017, 21 Uhr
Theater Rampe, Filderstraße 47, Stuttgart

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