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  1. says: Alexander

    Hello Fickis!

    My name is Alex and I will be soon the owner of – I will purchase this with idea of creating amazing website for wasen haters and everything related. Wish I had more time for this though! ????

    There is expected to be more then 600,000 wasen fools worldwide. With 74,000+ in United States.

    Barfing at wasen ist almost the favorite activity in Stuttgart! And there is many things related to wasen that can be done on the internet.

    To name a few: pictures of pukers (everyone loves them, they are one of the most popular things in stuttgart), buying and selling beer, idiotic shirts and shorts, wasen food(huge industry) and many many more.

    There is around 15 people who just type-in in their browser every month. On top of that – more then 1,000 people search for “wasen” in google each month.

    So why do I tell you this. This is possibly your best life changing opportunity. As it is now possible to acquire this domain name and create a massive website and service from it.

    Instant brand name right here. You don’t need to tell people about your company name. Hello, this is – is more then enough to provide credibility to your clients.

    If you are serious and have appropriate amount of funding/cash – please get in touch and we can see if you are the lucky one to develop this internet gem.

    Please keep in mind I already have any offer in $500,000 usd range and below that.

    Good luck!

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