H2O Style

On Saturday we worked at the Hip Hop Open. That’s always very funny because there are only cool people from the music biz who are crazy and do funny stuff. the most beautiful highlight was making pipi together with Jan Delay backstage. because we are collecting making pipi together with famous people. than we can always look whether famous people are famous because there lulus are bigger. jan delay was not interested in a penis battle, so unfortunately he took the cabine, where as we were strulling next to the pissoir. but then a scandal: he did not wash his hands afterwards. pfui. and pfui for samy deluxe, because he had to share the mic with delay.

second highlight: we had to interview Ice Cube for a famous newspaper from stuttgart. famous people are always busy, so you are not allowed to interview them alleine. we had to interview herrn cube together with nachtagenten and bravo hiphop so it was much better than an interview by spiegel, Faz and taz together. after the interview one of ice cubes big bodyguards went to the red bull stall, ordering some ice cubes for ice cubes. then we all had to laugh ganz schlimm. that is why we love to work at the hip hop open. crazy.

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