Minirampe in der Reinsburgstraße Stuttgart West

Einst ein beliebter Spot im Winter, ist die Rampe im Gewölbekeller der Reinsburgstraße 52 die letzten Jahre vor sich hin vegetiert bzw. vor sich hingelöchert. Volcom und Telum haben Ende Februar die Rampe die renoviert und danach noch bisschen mit Peitschenstecker aka Landjäger aka Bauraseufzer aka Unteruhlbacher (nach Stuttgart-Uhlbach benannt, ehrlich jetzt) gefeiert und  geskatet.

Once, upon a time there was a place well known as a shelter to Stuttgart’s Skateboard riding community when winters were dark, cold and wet. This place surely witnessed uncountable, remarkable and unique sessions amongst friends, and was well known as a place with a very special vibe and character. Though, as time was leaking away the ramp could not withstand the moist air and its physical condition began to decrease steadily. Soon it became impossible to skate and people began to forget about it.

On Saturday, 23.03.2013; Volcom and Telum put on their mining gear and made their way into the basements of the Reinsburgstraße 52 determined to revitalise; a. the ramp, b. the location, and c. the vibe. Did it work out? Sure, with musical support from the band Gossenhauer, they carried double armloads of Landjäger Sausages, Wulle Bier & Michelberger Schnaps down the alley to the basement. Add a fair number of 130 friends and you’ll have a blast. However, there is no need to go into further detail, but why don’t you experience it for yourself?

Congrats go out to:
Matze Schwab (Volcom Trick the Tree)
Daniel Märtin + Matze Schwab (1.Telum Best Line)
Oli Kentner + Stephan Rathgeb (2. Telum Best Line)

Special thanks to:
Adrian Wizemann
Heiko Jäger
Alex Schulz
Martin Hermann
Kamil Krzesniak
Michele Danze

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