Ein Tag in Stuttgart mit WDR-Lisa

WDR-Lisa war in Stuttgart und hat sich umgeschaut, von Marienplatz bis Markthalle, von Kunstmuseum bis Tübingerstraße, von Bibliothek bis KulturKiosk alles drin und das mystische Heubergviertel hat sie scheinbar auch entdeckt (siehe Text unten).

Lisa is on the road again: Schduierter, Stuggi, Benztown or just Stuttgart. With around 635,000 inhabitants, the Swabian metropolis is the sixth largest city in Germany, with Daimler and Porsche the home of the German automobile companies – and still has a huge construction site, the second largest construction site in Germany.

Stuttgart is a strong business location, a cultural hotspot and its own mix of green self-image and creative inventive talent. Founded around 950 as a mare garden, the “Rössle” still defines the city’s coat of arms. Vineyards, Neckar valley and green spaces make up the terraced image of the city, but orientation remains difficult. The name Kesselstadt is not only a synonym for the location and the climate – it also describes the love of many people in Stuttgart to view their city from different angles from above.

The 216 meter high television tower, the city’s landmark – and the world’s first television tower, can be seen from many places. Anyone looking for art will find a lot. The multi-award-winning capital of culture offers first-class cultural sites in addition to progressive exhibitions from the independent scene. Only when it comes to choosing the trendiest, trendy district, do the ghosts argue: West? South? East? Bohnenviertel or Heubergviertel?

There is unanimous agreement in the kitchen: Stuttgart swears by tradition. Malted Maultaschen with potato salad, lentils and spaetzle – a must, preferably fresh from the market hall or in your favorite wine tavern.

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