Die Entwicklung der Stuttgarter Straßenbahn von 1868 bis 2021

Fleissbär und Youtube-User TramChris hat in einem rund viertelstündigem Video detaillert rekonstruiert wie aus einer Pferde-Tram-Linie das heutige Stadtbahnnetz und aus der SSB der reine Weltbetrieb wurde.

As early as 1868, Stuttgart got its horse-drawn tram as one of the first german cities. From 1886, there were two competing companies with their own cars, lines and track gauge. By unifying the companies and networks, the city laid the foundation for the massive expansion of the now-electric tram system. In the Filder region and in Esslingen and Feuerbach, independent trams opened in order to connect the towns and villages to Stuttgart.

In the 1930s, most of them were integrated into the Stuttgart tram system. From the 1960s, many lines, especially in the city center, were replaced by buses, but the transport company still invested into the remaning network: What began as a system of tunnels in the city center, would later develop into a light rail. In 2007, the last classic tram line was replaced by the new light rail service.

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