RIP: Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mix

Am Montag, 31. M├Ąrz im Alter von 59 Jahren verstorben, ziehen nun schon die ersten Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mixe ihre Internet-Kreise, Dimitri from Paris hat seinen gestern Abend schon hochgestellt. Free Download.

„I discovered Frankie Knuckles through his music, one that was, gentle, lush with a subdued, understated power that rocked many a dancefloor.
I had the privilege to hear him once in the heyday of his legendary residency at Sound Factory Bar in New York. I was submerged, sonically and emotionally by the beauty of the music I heard that night. I remember very clearly saying to myself that this would be impossible to ever equal.
That was 20 years ago, and I never got to hear this magic combination again.

I got to meet Frankie a few times, and he was always like his music, gentle, humble, yet naturally imposing. I’ve put together here some of my favorite music from him. So that his legacy can keep on inspiring other people. Rest in peace, Frankie, may your music keep on moving people eternally.“

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