DJ Hell – Out of Control

Neues Hell-Album erscheint am 27. November.

Listen up! In the midst of the reawakening club scene DJ Hell returns with the album House Music Box (Past, Present, No Future). Unlike its predecessor Zukunftsmusik (2017), with his new work, Hell looks back to the glorious early days of House and Techno in Chicago, Detroit and New York City. Obvious points of references are the heroes that vibrated the dancefloor from the late 80s, i.e. luminaries like Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and Lil’ Louis from the Chicago house scene, or the legendary radio shows of The Electrifying Mojo from Detroit. Not forgetting, of course, the NYC House of Larry Levan or the Nu Groove records from the early 90s – all of them serving as musical godfathers for Hell’s House Music Box.

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