Ramen 8 Test by Nama Japan

Der Youtube-Channel (?) Nama Japan (“It’s mainly about all things Japan, my raw experiences and comments on everything that has to do with Japan.”) hat den Sommer 2018-Hype-Laden Ramen 8 getestet und fands – Spoiler – ein wenig zu arg dem deutschen Geschmack angepasst und sehr salty. Aber watch selber. Btw: Das Delphi hat die Filme zum Food-Hype.

Mehr Beschreibung vom Youtube Video:

Ramen in Stuttgart at Ramen 8, hot or not? Top or flop? We went and tried the first ramen in Stuttgart for you and compared it to ramen in Japan

Ramen is still a very new food in Germany and not every city already has a ramen restaurant. Ramen 8 changed the number of ramen restaurants in Stuttgart from 0 to 1 in 2018 and since then draws a big crowd of people at basically all times. When they opened, long lines were the norm to get one of their ramen bowls. They sell their bowls for 12,90 Euro to 14,90 Euro, which is not all that cheap, if you consider that most ramen bowls in Japan sell for less than 7-8 Euros (normally less than 1000 yen for regular bowls).

By the way, the original Ramen 8 “main store” is not in Stuttgart, but actually in Freiburg. And there, it is a Thai restaurant. The restaurant is not run by Japanese people, which does not have to be a disadvantage. However, is it in this case? Will you get original Japanese ramen at Ramen 8 in Stuttgart?

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