John Air


Kam neulich auf einsplus, einfach mal anschauen (oder die ersten Minuten), “Studienfach übergreifendes Projekt zwischen Szenischer Film, “Dokumentarfilm” und Interaktive Medien.”

Leaving Hannover behind the highly motivated party organizer John Air comes to Stuttgart: wrong place at the wrong time! Caused by the construction of the mega train station Stuttgart 21 the party scene is falling apart — clubs have to shut down to make room for constructions and the party scene becomes totally disoriented. That is when John Air decides it is time to do something: together with Basti he is founding his own youth movement the “Black Ugly Sheep” to show the overly sophisticated Swabian how partying really works. John is not only a party organizer, he is also an artist, a visionary and a spokesperson. The message is clear: Change, now and everywhere! John and his followers are hitting major obstacles until he is finally reaching his goal: Stuttgart is out of its mind and he is the initiator. But after all isn’t there just simply the banal desire for attention slumbering within him?

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