Stuttgart in Motion

Weiteres Timelapse Video von Sebastian Weitbrecht, entstanden zwischen Januar und November 2012, √ľber 18.000 Fotos zusammengeklebt. Alles drin an STGT was man so braucht plus fette Sommergewitter-Action. Please watch in Full HD (steht beim Video dabei).

Stuttgart in Motion is a personal timelapse piece consisting of over 18.000 still photographs shot on the Canon 60D over the last 11 months (January-November) in 2012.

In early 2012 I began playing around with my first timelapses, but the results were very dissatisfing. So I spent more time with Time Lapse photography and learned by trail and error. Some sunsets I shot four times to get a good exposure, and now, after nearly one year, I am glad to show my first result.

Thanks to Florian Gerlach ( for supporting me at several night shootings, Pierre Johne ( for making the lightning shots possible and Steffi Gerold & Lisa for giving me access to their rooftop.

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