Into The Light

 (Foto: Wolfram Hahn) 

Crailsheim, Berlin, World Press Photo. Leser Dozy hat vorhin auf die Fotoserie “Into The Light” seines Bekannten namens Wolfram Hahn aufmerksam gemacht, die dieses Jahr bei World Press Photo den zweiten Platz in der Kategorie Portr√§t belegt hat. Ich meine, ich hab die Serie dieses Jahr auch schon wo gesehen. Erkennt man sich selbst wieder, klar.

Das Konzept: “People re-enact the self-portraits they took for the social networking site MySpace. The photographer contacted fellow Berliners, asking them to remake the photos in the place they had originally been taken. He captured the exact moment at which the flash went off.”

Zur kompletten Serie  

The digital camera has become a permanent companion, used by people to document their everyday life. As the popularity of social networking has grown, self-portraiture has become a common phenomenon, a method of carrying one’s own story into the outside world. Self-portraits have become a kind of language, a shared mode of communication facilitated by the digital camera and computer. These images re-stage self-portraits posted on social networks. They reveal the full scenario that was not visible in the original self-portrait and show the exact moment when the flash of the self portrait goes off, the making of a digital identity that will eventually allow the individual to be included within a broad community while at the same time shut away at home.



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